Conciliation procedure for dispute resolution

Conciliation is an alternative way to resolve a dispute between parties using a mediator. Conciliation can be initiated by the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) as an option of redressing workplace sexual harassment complaints, only if the aggrieved person requests for the same.  

It is important to understand conciliation and its procedure. The document aims at guiding you through a conciliation procedure.

Download the document (.pdf) here:
Conciliation procedure under POSH Act (1108 downloads)  




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2 thoughts on “Conciliation procedure for dispute resolution

    • Hello Ravindra, yes, the entire process of complaint handling has to be explained to the complainant in any case. If the complainant chooses the conciliation option and requests in writing for the same, the ICC can go ahead with her request. However, in case of a major misconduct related to sexual harassment, the ICC can opt to directly go for inquiry.

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