Sexual Harassment Complaint from a NON-Employee

What happens when a Non-employee (female) complains about our employee (male) on Sexual Harassment at workplace? To give an example – one of the recruiters of a Multinational Company, while conducting a campus recruitment in a premier business school, sexually harassed a woman from the institute.  During the process of recruitment, he got hold of Read more about Sexual Harassment Complaint from a NON-Employee[…]

Draft – Annual Report Format

Section 21 (1) requires the Internal Committee or the Local Committee to prepare in each calendar year, an annual report and submit the same to the employer and the District Officer. What to include? Rule 14 says the annual report should include the following details: Number of complaints of sexual harassment received in the year Read more about Draft – Annual Report Format[…]

Drafts – Conciliation Settlement report

Conciliation is an alternative way to resolve a dispute between parties using a mediator. Conciliation can be initiated by the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) as an option of redressing workplace sexual harassment complaints, only if the aggrieved person requests for the same.   Conciliation under POSH Act The ICC before initiating an inquiry under section 11 and Read more about Drafts – Conciliation Settlement report[…]

DRAFTS – “Notice to appear before the IC”

Section 11 of the POSH Act 2013 provides for the procedure to be followed by the POSH Internal Committee for inquiring into sexual harassment complaint where it mentions specifically that both the parties have to be given equal opportunities to make representations against the findings before the committee.  On receipt of the written complaint , Read more about DRAFTS – “Notice to appear before the IC”[…]

Work From Home a “workplace”? POSH act talks

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way of work across the globe. Many of us in India are still grappling with the new arrangement of Work from Home. Most managements begin to see its benefits of saving time and cost to the organization. So, is it here to last?  We never know, it might Read more about Work From Home a “workplace”? POSH act talks[…]

Mediation as an informal redressal process for Sexual Harassment

Today millions of Indian women are joining the workforce and contributing significantly to our economy. It is therefore important that organizations across private & public sectors create an environment where women employees feel safe and comfortable. Workplace harassment is increasingly understood as a violation of women’s rights and a form of violence against women. To Read more about Mediation as an informal redressal process for Sexual Harassment[…]

Characteristics and Types of Sexual Harassment

There is a wide divergence of perceptions in our society as to what words or actions constitute sexual harassment. Due to the complexity of human behavior, it is difficult to pinpoint what exact behavior will be perceived as sexual harassment by an individual. It becomes very difficult to draw a clear line between acceptable and Read more about Characteristics and Types of Sexual Harassment[…]