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We specialise in POSH Consulting, offering a comprehensive range of services designed to empower organizations and individuals
to prevent and address issues of sexual harassment at the workplace

POSH External Member

Empanelment as an external member to provide professional advice and recommendations to the internal committee

POSH Awareness

Conduct customised programs on POSH to build awareness amongst employees, managers and key stakeholders

POSH Investigation

Inquire into cases of alleged sexual harassment by following principles of natural justice and procedural guidelines

POSH Compliance

Satisfying statutory regulations of the POSH Act., develop legally compliant policies, procedures, guidelines, and accountabilities

POSH Conciliation

Dispute resolution through a collaborative, trusted process that turns conflict into dialogue and consensus

POSH Communication

Communication strategies to various groups of employees through customised mailers, posters, podcasts and roleplays

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Your partner in workplace respect and safety


Our team of experts brings years of experience in addressing sensitive workplace issues, and we are here to guide

you every step of the way. 

We are passionate and committed


Our core strength lies in being knowledgeable and current on the Act.. We understand, very well, the characteristics of workplaces that are associated with higher rates of sexual harassment, the common characteristics of sexual harassment and the cost of sexual harassment in the workplace.


We strongly believe that nurturing a culture of inclusion, respect and trust in the workforce has multiple benefits; Lowered absenteeism, enhanced productivity, employee retention and more…


The most potent weapon against sexual harassment is “Prevention” which is the crux of our philosophy. We believe that successful preventive strategies and plans on sexual harassment require a strong eco system of key stakeholders with an explicit statement of intent.

Responsibility of the employer


As an employer, it is your responsibility to create a work environment free of sexual harassment and a legal obligation to prevent and deal with sexual harassment in the workplace.

We are ready to work with you


We are a diverse group of professionals who bring a wealth of experience, commitment and essential attributes to every project we undertake.


POSH judgements, sample formats, and articles

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POSH files


Introducing POSH files, a PODCAST series on prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. We offer important information on POSH in smaller bite-sized podcasts perfect for managers and employees on the move or with busy routines.


The objective is to make POSH awareness effective, accessible anytime / anywhere and cost effective.

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