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Your trusted advisor on all matters related to prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace.

External Member Empanelment

Empanelment as an external member to provide professional advice and recommendations to the internal committee and the management on all matters related to prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Training and Sensitisation

Conduct customised programs to build awareness amongst employees, managers and key stakeholders on prevention. prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment at the workplace.

POSH Investigation

Conduct inquiry into cases of alleged sexual harassment by following principles of natural justice, protecting confidentiality, being compassionate and providing a fair trial for the parties concerned.

Legal Assistance

Satisfying statutory regulations of the POSH Act., answering legal queries and assist in scrupulously executing the powers of the Civil Court vested with the internal committee.

Conciliation and Mediation

Conduct voluntary dispute resolution through a collaborative, trusted process that turns conflict into dialogue and consensus on a mutually acceptable settlement

POSH Compliance

Develop legally compliant policies, procedures, guidelines, and accountabilities to envisage expectable behaviours in the organisation.

Working with you to bring change


percent of women at
workplace have
been sexually harassed


percent of complainants
said that their complaints
were not dealt with fairly


percent of women quit
the organization owing to
sexual harassment


percent of women faced
hostility during and
post the complaint

Who We Are


We are POSH consultants providing end-to-end solutions to promote and nurture sexual harassment free workplaces

Looking for a passionate and committed POSH consultant?


Our core strength lies in being knowledgeable and current on the Act.. We understand, very well, the characteristics of workplaces that are associated with higher rates of sexual harassment, the common characteristics of sexual harassment and the cost of sexual harassment in the workplace.


We strongly believe that nurturing a culture of inclusion, respect and trust in the workforce has multiple benefits; Lowered absenteeism, enhanced productivity, employee retention and more…


The most potent weapon against sexual harassment is “Prevention” which is the crux of our philosophy. We believe that successful preventive strategies and plans on sexual harassment require a strong eco system of key stakeholders with an explicit statement of intent.

Responsibility of the employer


As an employer, it is your responsibility to create a work environment free of sexual harassment and a legal obligation to prevent and deal with sexual harassment in the workplace.

Why Choose Us

We treat your workplace like it’s our own. We understand business and the dynamics of Labour Laws like no body else.

Experience is everything

Since 2013, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that assist us in delivering to our customers services that are relevant, contextual, consistent and trustworthy.

Dedicated team

We are proud to have strong, dedicated team members from Management, Human resources, and Legal backgrounds to deliver comprehensive solutions.


We are accessible and easily reachable to get your questions answered quickly and resolve queries at the first points of contact.

Free Consultation


We will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have on prevention of sexual harassment at workplace.

    We are ready to work with you

    jayaprada HV 5

    Jayaprada Hemmige


    Privileged to be working on this cause. Worked with organisation leaders and Internal Committees across industries on preventive POSH strategies. I have been a part of resolving cases and I understand the dynamics of sexual harassment. Glad to assist.


    You can reach me @

    Rajesh Athihalli

    Rajesh Athihalli


    My experience as a serial entrepreneur and a management consultant for organisations, aids in understanding the practical aspects of implementing POSH strategies.


    Please fell free to to get in touch with me @


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