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We are POSH Consultants and are passionate about creating sexual harassment free workplaces. We are proficient in all matters related to “The sexual harassment of women at workplace (PREVENTION, PROHIBITION AND REDRESSAL) ACT, 2013.

Our consultants have over 4 decades of experience in handling legal and compliance matters under the Indian labour laws. Leveraging expertise and equipped with qualified professionals Metis POSH consulting services assist organisations comply to POSH guidelines and build a culture of zero tolerance towards sexual harassment at workplace.

We partner with organisations as retainers with a holistic view of addressing the need to create a safe work environment. The most potent weapon against sexual harassment is “Prevention” which is the crux of our philosophy.

Our core strength lies in being knowledgeable and current on the Act, handling sexual harassment complaints, conducting sexual harassment inquiries, conciliation and mediation, mentoring Internal Committee (IC) and ensuring compliance under the POSH Act. We also conduct customised employee training keeping our customer sentiment in mind.