Madras HC – Woman IPS Officer allegedly sexually harassed


Madras HC woman IPS Officer allegedly sexually harassed stopped from filing complaint by DGP Madras HC takes cognizance 1st March 2021 suo moto writ petition.

The HC has taken suo motu cognisance that the Special DGP used his influence to stop the lady IPS Officer from reaching Chennai to file a complaint.  In the words of the court:

“The case reached its crescendo when the lady officer was intercepted by a posse of policemen who had the audacity to stop the car and take away the car keys. It must be borne in mind that the officers who did it are named and they are in the ranks of Sub-Inspector and Inspector of Police, respectively and the officer who was sitting inside the car was a Superintendent of Police. This was exactly the incident which caught the attention of this Court. If IPS Cadre lady officers are going to face situations such as this, this Court thought that it is high time to take cognizance of the same to ensure that these  instances do not happen in the future.

Considering the sensitivity of the issue and the ensuing elections that are going to take place in the State, there is a high possibility of politicising this issue. This has to be prevented without any further delay. That apart, exchanging the name of the victim officer through media and other social media networks, will also have a very serious impact on the investigation. In view of the same, this Court wants to place certain restrictions by way of issuing the following
interim directions:

a. In order to ensure that there is a fair investigation in this case, there shall be a restraint to all political parties from politicising and/or publicising this case and no statements must be given by such parties in the media,touching upon the merits of this case;
b.The name of the victim officer, the accused person and the witnesses shall not be used or exchanged through any media, pending investigation in this case; and
c. Any violation of the directions issued by this Court will be viewed very seriously and this Court may be forced to initiate contempt proceeding.”

In short, the Madras HC will be monitoring this case.  Copy of the order is attached here: Madras HC - Woman IPS Officer allegedly sexually harassed (280 downloads )