Drafts – Conciliation Settlement report


Conciliation is an alternative way to resolve a dispute between parties using a mediator. Conciliation can be initiated by the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) as an option of redressing workplace sexual harassment complaints, only if the aggrieved person requests for the same.  

Conciliation under POSH Act

  1. The ICC before initiating an inquiry under section 11 and at the request of the aggrieved woman, take steps to settle the matter between her and the respondent through conciliation: (please note that the respondent does not have the right to ask for a conciliation)and 

Provided that “no monetary settlement” shall be made as a basis of conciliation

  1. Where a settlement has been arrived at, the ICC shall record the settlement so arrived and forward the same to the employer to take action as specified in the recommendation
  2. The ICC shall provide the copies of the settlement as recorded to the aggrieved woman and the respondent.
  3. Where a settlement is arrived at, no further inquiry shall be conducted by the ICC

Please download the draft of the Conciliation Settlement report here – Drafts - "Conciliation Settlement report" (3056 downloads )