Handbook on combating gender stereotypes – Supreme Court of India

The Handbook identifies common stereotypes about women, many of which have been utilised by courts in the past and demonstrates why they are inaccurate and how they may distort the application of the law. The intention is not to criticise or cast doubt on past judgements but merely to show how stereotypes may unwittingly be employed. Finally, it encapsulates the current doctrine on key legal issues which may be relevant while adjudicating certain cases, particularly those concerning sexual violence.

This Handbook offers guidance on how to avoid utilising harmful gender stereotypes, in particular those about women, in judicial decision making and writing. Each one of us sometimes employ stereotypes in our thoughts, words, and actions.

Download the HANDBOOK ON COMBATING GENDER STEREOTYPES – SUPREME COURT OF INDIA here (.pdf) Handbook on Combating Gender Stereotypes (622 downloads )