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Prevention of sexual harassment at workplace

Home Prevention, prohibition & redressal of sexual harassment at workplace

Metis Posh Consulting Services is an organisation which is passionate about creating sexual harassment free workplaces. We work with organisations to ensure the environment is safe for all employees.

Not only is it the moral responsibility of an organization, as an entity, to ensure the safety of its employees especially women, it is the responsibility of every person within that organization to ensure that employees, especially women colleagues are safe at work.

To ensure that women are protected against sexual harassment in both public and private enterprises, the legislative act of 2013 called “THE SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF WOMEN AT WORKPLACE (PREVENTION, PROHIBITION AND REDRESSAL) ACT, 2013“came into being. The operative words here are PREVENTION, PROHIBITION & REDRESSEL which is predominantly what Metis Posh Consulting Services caters to. The most potent weapon against sexual harassment is “Prevention” which is the crux of our philosophy.

The act mandates that organizations implement the sexual harassment policy and needless to say, non-compliance attracts a huge fine. But the cost of non-compliance extends beyond merely a huge fine. It puts the reputation of an organization at great risk! And the worst of all, it is grossly unfair to our women employees.

Our consultants have over 4 decades of experience in handling labour law compliances across industries, Metis Posh Consulting Services has been helping organisations in building company specific POSH policy, creating awareness on responsibilities of employees, HR and Management towards creating a safe environment at workplace and  helping them build a culture of Zero Tolerance towards Sexual Harassment at Workplace.

We partner with organisations as retainers for long term intervention and holistic approach towards addressing the need to create safe work environment.