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A one stop shop for all matters related to Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)

Policy making & Committee (ICC) formation

Legally compliant and culture fitted policy making. Formulating Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) as per POSH guidelines, define roles and responsibilities, establishing processes and systems for smooth operations of the committee.

Committee training & employees awareness sessions

Conducting skill building programs for the committee (ICC) members on specific tasks / duties that members are expected to complete as a function of their role. Conduct awareness and familiarisation sessions for all employees.

Conciliations & inquiries proceedings

Resolving disputes associated with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act. by conducting inquiries, conciliations and arbitrations. Liaisoning with external stakeholders associated with POSH.

Committee mentoring – Advice & opinions

Advice on all matters related to POSH functioning and on actions to be initiated. Equipping members of the committee to handle cases related to sexual harassment using discussions, role plays and case studies.

Regulatory compliance – POSH

Adherence to all statutory compliance under the POSH Act. Conducting quarterly meetings, records, reports & returns. Establishing guidelines and processes to adhere to statutory requirements under the Law.

Legal Representations

Represent management before the Labour court, Civil court and the High court on matters related to POSH. Certain laws laying down judgments have been rendered on the basis of successful arguments of our advocates.

SURVEYS and culture studies

Conducting culture studies, surveys and comprehensive review of the organization’s adherence to POSH guidelines and adherence to policies and systems.

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Committed to creating a sexual harassment free workspace
  • 38% of women at workplace have been subject to sexual harassment

  • 66% of complainants said that the committees did not deal with the complaints fairly

  • 50% of women who experienced sexual harassment leave their jobs or switch careers

  • 60% of victims were not aware of the workplace policies regarding sexual harassment.


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